Friday, April 5, 2013

Essential list of Validation & Verification cases for CFD solvers

This list is generally for mainly compressible flows & suggestions for incompressible flows is greatly appreciated !

1. Best Practices Guide

A tutorial from NASA on best practices in verification and validation of CFD solvers.
[ NASA Link ]

2. Turbulence Models 

NASA provides a series of test cases to validate & verify turbulence models from Spalart-Allamaras to LES / DNS.
NASA LARC - Turbulence models V&V ]

3. Comprehensive Test cases

A comprehensive list of test cases for various CFD solver and its components.
[ NPARC Alliance Verification and Validation Archive ]

4. Another set of Test cases

A list of test cases for NASA's CFL3D solver.
[ CFL3D Test cases ]

5. Drag prediction workshop

Test cases for production grade solvers
[ AIAA Drag prediction Workshop  ]

6. A collection of resources

From CFD-online
[ CFD-online Validation & Verification ]

7. AGARD Experimental data for CFD code validation

PDF1 4mb
PDF2 22mb

Also AIAA papers
1. AIAA 93-0002 Dryden Lectureship in Research - A perspective on CFD validation.
2. Von Karman Institute, Verification and validation of computational fluid dynamics. In association with the Thematic Network FLOWNET (European Commission DG XII) June 5 - 8, 2000; F. Grasso, J. PĂ©riaux, H. Deconinck

8. Higher-order Schemes

A list of test cases for higher-order scheme accuracy. [Wang]

9. Some other validation cases

SimJournal: Ammar Hakim’s Simulation Journal. [Ammar Hakim]

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