Thursday, July 18, 2013

The GPGPU Continuum from mWatts to peta flops

The GPU continuum workshop addresses the current and future challenges of the GPGPU (heterogeneous systems) community. GPUs that started as graphics accelerators are now widely used in many different computational domains, such as medical, defense, silicon inspection, computer vision, signal processing and more, due to their dramatic improvement of the performance per power for domain specific applications.
This workshop aims to address two important directions of future GPGPU based systems: at the high-end, it will focus on using GPUs as part of clusters, clouds, compute farms, etc., that aim to achieve peta flops of computations. At the low-end, it will focus on using GPUs as part of mobile devices, which limits the power consumption of the GPU to mWatts. We conclude the workshop with a panel discussion on the differences and similarities and on the challenges each domain faces.

The videos and slides of the workshop are here... [Link]

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