Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Collection of Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) source codes, freely downloadable and intended to be useful for educational purposes.

  • Hyperbolic and parabolic model equations
    Schemes for model equations
    C codes that implement conservative difference schemes, explicit and implicit, for hyperbolic and parabolic model equations in 1D - modeq.tar.gz

    Sample C/C++ codes that implement some FCT schemes for hyperbolic model equations in 1D - fct.tar.gz

  • One-dimensional conservation laws of gas dynamics

    First order Godunov schemes
    Piecewise-constant approximation to the solution within computational cells, single step advancing in time. Several source codes in ANSI C with different solvers of the Riemann problem are available:
    •  exact procedure of Godunov - godunov.tar.gz
    • approximate flux-difference splitting (FDS) of Roe - roe_fds.tar.gz
    • approximate linearized characteristic-based Riemann solver (LCS): lcs.tar.gz - (Fortran 77 and C sources available). Description of LCS solver downloadable as gzipped PS file - solver.ps.gz
    Higher order Godunov-type schemes
    Piecewise-parabolic spatial reconstruction, minmod() limiter function, LCS solver, three- and two- step Runge-Kutta in time. Sources in C are available for:
    • Two- and three-step schemes that use non-iterative (LCS), iterative (LCSS), and weakly linearized (WLCS) versions of characteristic-based Riemann solver and a program for exact solution of Riemann problem: lcs3.tar.gz
    • Two-step scheme for variable composition mixture of gases: lcs2mix.tar.gz
     A set of different 1D schemes; demo package
    Four different schemes solving "subsonic" and "supersonic" Riemann problems, with numerical and exact solutions
    compared - sch1d.tar.gz. This package contains:
        1) a non-conservative characteristic-based scheme,
        2) Godunov scheme (as in godunov.tar.gz),
        3) three step higher-order scheme (as in lcs3.tar.gz),
        4) one-step higher-order scheme.

  • Two-dimensional conservation laws of gas dynamics

    Higher order Godunov-type "generic" 2D scheme
    Rectangular mesh, piecewise-parabolic spatial reconstruction, minmod() limiter function, characteristic-based solver LCS, three step Runge-Kutta in time. C source - lcs2d3.tar.gz

    Higher order scheme for 2D equations in axisymmetrical form
    Higher order Godunov-type scheme applied to aeroacoustical problem: a finite-amplitude wave issuing from 1D duct into the 2D atmosphere. Standard C source code - noise.tar.gz

  • Large Eddy Simulation

    Cartesian grid compressible LES
    Piecewise-parabolic distribution within computational cells, two-step time integration, 3D, unsteady filtered Navier-Stokes equations.
    Description of LES numerical scheme downloadable as gzipped PS file - les.ps.gz.
    Test examples in C are available for:
    High performance LES
    Parallel implementation of LES of turbulent flows (uses MPI):

  • Combustion
    Propagation of 1D pre-mixed laminar (normal) flame
    Numerical scheme for 1D normal premixed combustion based on above listed high-resolution Godunov scheme lcs2mix. C source code - normal.tar.gz

  • Flow Visualization
    WinField 1.07
    Visualization of scalar flowfield given by rectangular table. Win32 binary and C source - winfield.zip

    source : http://www.reocities.com/MotorCity/pit/9939/freecfd.htm
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