Free Books...

Great books, personal notes, lecture notes are available out there for us to savor provided by great people. Here are some we have found and hope the list increases...

  1. I do like CFD - We have 2 books by the author, giving out extensive material on CFD development and many things
  2. Turbulence Modelling for CFD by Wilcox (old) - no need to introduce this book
  3. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics An introductory CFD book by C. T. Shaw. Available in full text directly online. The book is a bit old. It was written 1992.
  4. Numerical methods for 1D compressible flows An interactive book by M.Manzini, A.Ticca, G.Zanetti
  5. Lectures on Computational Fluid DynamicsUC Berkeley E266A course notes by P. Colella and E.G. Puckett.
  6. Numerical Recipes This classical book is now available directly online in both C and Fortran versions! There is also a lot of additional information here - recommended!
  7. Applied Computational Aerodynamics Text An electronic version of the class notes for a course in Applied Computational Aerodynamics taught by Professor Mason at Virginia Polytech. A mix of pre-CFD stuff and CFD.
  8. Solution Methods in Computational Fluid DynamicsBy Thomas H. Pulliam. Based on notes from a VKI lecture series in 1986.
  9. Turbulence Models and Their Application to Complex Flows, by R. H. Nichols A very nice book that contains a fairly complete overview of RANS and LES turbulence models. More than 200 pages long. Also contains chapters on wall functions and transition prediction. We just found this book, but after a quick look it seems very interesting (Jan 2012).
  10. CFD by ABDULNASEER SYMA - This book provides the reader with the theoretical background of CFD without going into the math details.
  11. A Guide to Numerical Methods for Transport Equations by Dmitri Kuzmin Detailed numerical treatment of differential equations that govern the evolution of scalar fluid properties, a densely condensed summary book.
  12. Numerical Grid Generation Foundations and Applications By: Joe E. Thompson, Z.U.A. Warsi and C. Wayne Mastin. Probably the best guide around.
  13. Computational Fluid Dynamics Technologies and Applications by Igor V. Minin This book is planned to publish with an objective to provide a state-of-art reference book in the area of computational fluid dynamics for CFD engineers, scientists, applied physicists and post-graduate students. Also the aim of the book is the continuous and timely dissemination of new and innovative CFD research and developments.
  14. Notes and Codes by Jan S Hesthavan. Must see for beginners and advanced users alike
  15. Iterative methods for sparse linear systems, A good book which explains various algorithms and discretisation technics for PDEs and solving sparse linear sytems.
  16. MPI : The Complete Reference Recommended by Deepak.

    guys please add to the post the links you know of......


    Anonymous said...

    Could you re-upload "Turbulence modelling for CFD" by Wilcox, thank-you

    Anonymous said...

    Hi we have not uploaded the books anywhere. However this version of the book is free from the author himself. You can find a copy at

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